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Council Projects 2019-2020

Council projects are often achieved in partnership with the State and Federal Governments, to ensure the Derwent Valley has the infrastructure and facilities needed for a growing and evolving municipality.

Locations for 2019-2020 works have been mapped below. Works also include a number of investigation and design projects, community projects and strategies, and ongoing stormwater management with support from Natural Resource Management. Download a printable version.

Click the hyperlinks on project names below for information about the project including details of the works and timelines.


Roads and Footpaths
Investigation & Design


Roads and Footpaths
Construction Projects


Public Buildings and Spaces Construction Projects

01 Molesworth Road
Stage 1 project preparation works
07 Glenora Road renewal and maintenance works  - UNDERWAY
Various locations along length (Grant funded)
16 Derwent Valley Sports Centre
Improvements and upgrades to PCYC Centre (subject to Grant funding)

George Street and Burnett Street
Intersection investigation

08 Britten Street and Benjamin Terrace renewal works - UNDERWAY
Britten Street and Benjamin Terrace between Fairfax Terrace and Britten Street
17 Boyer Oval - UNDERWAY
Improvements and plans (Grant funded)
Cricket Pitch replacement (Co-funded with Cricket Australia)
03 Jefferys Track
Feasibility study together with Huon Valley
09 Willow Court improvements works
Improvements to The Avenue streetscape (subject to Grant funding)

Tynwald Park - UNDERWAY
Clubrooms extension and change room improvements (subject to Grant funding)
Cricket Pitch replacement (Co-funded with Cricket Australia)


High Steet and Willow Court Masterplan
Streetscape improvements


Intersection improvement program renewal works - COMPLETED
Reseal Intersection/s from report/plan

19 Esplanade Master Plan upgrades
Stage two improvements from Master Plan (subject to Grant funding)

Bridge Program

11 Collins Cap Road improvements
Safety study and associated improvements

Caravan Park upgrades
Installation of powered sites


Wyre Forest Creek Bridge replacement - COMPLETED
Located along Molesworth Road (Co -funded with Federal Government)

12 Malbina Cemetery improvements and extension - UNDERWAY
Extension of internal road, parking and cemetery plot area development 

Play equipment upgrade
Replacement of infrastructure in various locations

06 Plenty River Bridge replacement - COMPLETED
Located along Plenty Valley Road (Co-funded with Federal Government)
13 Eiszeles Fire Trail upgrade works
Improvements and widening (Grant funded)
21 Millbrook Rise Boat Ramp improvements
Improvements (Co-funded with MAST)

Various bridges redecking and maintenance
Improve safety, integrity and assest life from program

14 Footpath program extension (one side of the road only)
Back River Road extension to Lawitta Road
22 Town Entry approaches
Design and commencement in connection to Derwent Valley Branding Strategy

Community Projects

15 Footpath program extension (one side of the road only)
Glebe Road extension to Hobart Road
23 Pontoon Installation
Installation of pontoon sections (subject to Grant funding)

Derwent Valley Branding Strategy - UNDERWAY
Creation and Marketing of the Derwent Valley Brand



24 New Norfolk Swimming Pool improvements
Parenting room (subject to funding)
General facility upgrades and improvements
 * DVC Recreation, Play and Open Space Strategy - UNDERWAY
Direction in the use of Council land and facilities 


25 Bushy Park/ Glenora Swimming Pool improvements
Lane line painting (Grant funded)
General facility upgrades and improvements
 * Natural Resource Management - UNDERWAY
Derwent River health projects, weed eradication and management

Upper Derwent Valley Toilets and building improvements
New Westerway toilet facility and upgrades to Community Hall 
(Co-funded with Federal Government)

  Projects marked by an * are not location-based and do not appear on the maps below.      



 Map of New Norfolk showing project locations          Map of Plenty showing the location of projects

 Map of Molesworth showing project locations Map of Bushy Park showing the location of projects  Map of Lachlan showing project locations







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