Street Numbering

Numbering streets and buildings allows those not familiar with a building or home to locate it more easily. 

Property identification plays a significant role in ensuring the community retains a high level of safety by ensuring guests, customers, Australia Post, Council and emergency services can find the correct address with ease. It can also help reduce the number of vehicle and pedestrian accidents as drivers can easily identify a property without breaking their concentration on the road.

Council is the only designated authority for determining appropriate street numbering to be used.

Developers and builders are not to allocate their own numbers. Numbers allocated by Council conform to an Australian standard.

Correct street numbering is essential to the community as it helps assist mail deliveries, tradesmen and especially emergency services.

What are the guidelines for street numbering?

In January 1997, Council officially adopted the ANZLIC Guidelines for Systematic Addressing of Rural Properties. These guidelines are currently in use throughout rural Australia. The primary points are:-

What is the process of numbering urban streets?

What is the process of numbering rural roads?

A range of numbers is allocated to the property in accordance with the ANZLIC guidelines.

Residents must apply to Council for a Street number. A Council Officer will then determine where the driveway is located on the property and issue a street number within the range of numbers allocated.

Residents are advised of their street number in writing.

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