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Community Strategic Plan-Your Valley Your Voice 2030

Your Voice Your Valley 2030.

YVYV 2018 web version

The Derwent Valley Council is currently undertaking the process of developing a new Community Strategic Plan – Your Valley Your Voice 2030. 

The Strategic Plan will direct Council’s resources and set priorities for actions and investment for the next 12 years. This sets Councils’ long term vision and will shape; what the community will look like, the services available, how people will get to and from places and what infrastructure is needed.

As a community it is important for us to have a document that voices how we want to develop into the future. The Derwent Valley Community Strategic Plan 2030, will guide Council on how to achieve community goals and provide a measure for progress.

To ensure Council’s future planning is informed, robust and relevant to the community, it relies on input from individuals, business, community groups and other agencies.

Your Valley, Your Voice 2030 is an opportunity for members of the community
to help Council plan for the Valley’s future.

Council will be holding a series of community workshops and listening posts throughout the Valley from July 23 -31, 2018

The Your Valley Your Voice 2030 Community Consultation schedule, details the locations and dates for upcoming community workshops and listening posts.

Additional workshops and activities maybe available and will be advertised via Facebook closer to the dates.

If you aren’t able to attend a workshop or listening post, the Council has created a postcard that you can write your ideas on, and share your thoughts with us that way.  A community feedback box will be available at the administration building in Circle Street New Norfolk for people to submit their postcard comments.

Council is seeking input from people of all ages, backgrounds and areas in the region to better understand what is important to everyone in the Derwent Valley.

Share your ideas and have your say on how you see the future of the Valley

Here’s a few thought starters:-

  • what I love about the Derwent Valley . . .

  • in 12 years’ time, I hope that the Derwent Valley is . . .

  • my hope for the future is . . .

  • what I would like to see in the Derwent Valley

  • what we should keep in Derwent Valley that is special

For more information contact Council’s Senior Administration Officer on (03) 6261 8500. 


The Derwent Valley Council values your feedback. Please share your ideas and have your say on how you see the future of the Valley.

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