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Stormwater System Management and Planning


The Derwent Valley Council aims to discharge its obligations as a stormwater service provider based on the Urban Drainage Act 2013, which specifically requires the preparation of stormwater system management plans.

The objective of the project is to prepare a stormwater system plan, including overland flow path, inundation and flood hazard mapping for the Derwent Valley Council (DVC) region.

The output from the project will provide Council with a planning tool for future development, infrastructure upgrades and flood forecasting. The outputs are also expected to be made available to the public through community engagement activities and to establish finished floor levels for future development. 

Description of work 

The Scope covers two main pieces of work:-

A.  Inventory pickup/validation for the stormwater assets in the New Norfolk system;

B.  Analysis of catchments to determine flood limits.

Specific deliverables for Part A above include:-

  • Location, size and levels of stormwater assets
  • Identification and data collection for assets missing from existing data set
  • Condition assessment of assets including photo record
  • GIS mapping of all assets and data
  • All information to GDA94/MGA94 Zone 55 for compatibility

Specific deliverables (over time) for Part B above include:-

  • Collection of appropriate data to develop catchment models
  • Hydraulic and Hydrological modelling to ARR&R 1987 and 2016
  • Specify proposed AEP events for analysis
  • Incorporate Derwent River, Lachlan and Sorell Creek catchment behaviours/impacts
  • Stormwater quality assessments 
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